Our Clients

Case Studies

When organizations today talk about “digital transformation,” “innovation,” and “entrepreneurship,” they can rarely point to ROI. We can.  And that’s what makes us different.

Digitizing A Flagship Consulting Relationship

$87 million value created, ROI: 50x

A global consulting powerhouse risked losing it largest client. Within three months, Recorp created a new suite of software services to accompany the firm's accounting and tax offering, actually expanding the client’s book of business.

Realtime Legislative Monitoring

$32 million value created, ROI: 10x 

Working on behalf of a major financial data entity, Recorp built and launched a digital platform that monitored all congressional legislation that would move the stock market. The first proof of concept was live in six weeks and generated $32 million in new sales in its first year.

Fraud Reduction in E-Commerce

$20 million value created, ROI: 40x 

In 2015, U.S. e-commerce companies experienced a dramatic increase of payments fraud after the rollout of EMV chips. Recorp built a comprehensive solution that reduced annual fraud and chargebacks by 77% in the first four months.

From Whiteboard to Whole Foods In 12 Weeks

$2.3 million value created, ROI: 7x 

A global consumer packaged goods company lost market share in premium water to startup brands. In 12 weeks, Recorp assembled a team of CPG entrepreneurs and created a new brand in pilot in two weeks. By Week 12, the newly created brand — with art, recipe, and brand identity — won a $2.3 million pilot with Whole Foods.

From Sales Laggard to Leader in Twelve Weeks.

$4.3 million value created, ROI: 9x

One the largest wine producers in the world lost 2.3% market share in the United States, despite the wine market growing by 2.6% annually. In 12 weeks, Recorp relaunched the brand, activated e-commerce channels, and transformed the brand identity and sales growth.

We Solve Problems With Exponential Upside

Loss Prevention
deploying new technologies and human procedures to reduce fraud and loss across e-commerce and retail
Sales & Marketing Optimization
Leveraging e-commerce and growth hacking to quickly turn around large, failing brands and sales systems
Overcoming Internal Politics with Data
moving at startup speed using iteration, metrics, and collaboration to convert the skeptics into supporters
Productization of Consulting Insights
transforming stand alone service businesses into scalable enterprise SaaS products
M&A Success
leveraging experiences of multimillion dollar acquirees to ensure the success of the merged/acquired teams